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Thought this was worth sharing ...

Ducati Reports Positive Numbers for 2017 | RideApart

"2017 was an all around good year for Ducati. In addition to having its best premier class racing season since 2009), the company reported increased sales in most major markets despite general market trends going in the opposite direction. In total, the company sold 55,871 units, a figure slightly up from 2016’s 55,451 total unit sales. Between the company's flagship super bikes, ADV machines, popular nakeds, and immense scrambler lineup, Ducati's diverse model range is what helped to attract new and old customers alike.
Ducati also managed to sell 14,061 scramblers, which made up roughly one-quarter of the company’s total sales. The high-end manufacturer also sold all 500 of its 1299 Superleggera models at a cool 80,000 euros a pop. As always, the Monster lineup did good numbers for Ducati, as did the Multistrada family. With the recent release of the brand’s long awaited Panigale V4, Ducati is anticipating good things in 2018."
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