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Ducati Scrambler accessories / take off parts from my 15' Classic : Los Angeles

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Hey Guys, one man's trash is another mans treasure? I'll save the small talk to get the stuff listed, you guys might need it more than I do at this point. I paid retail for all these parts a few months back, you know how much they go for, lets see what I can put back in my pocket.

Prices are available for pick up or shipping, the items are located in the Los Angeles area if you guys are local.

- Ducati black Billet speedometer lower cover in black anodize : MSRP $160, Selling price of $120
- pair of Ducati Optional Billet Handlebar ends : MSRP : $130, Selling price of $100
- Fresh Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle black and yellow complete seat : MSRP : $306, Selling price of $220
- a Fresh Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle Black and Yellow Seat cover (no foam or base, just a replacement cover) : $60 shipped sounds reasonable for anyone looking to replace a torn cover.
- Ducati Scrambler OE optional bolt on handlebar brace, MSRP $55, Selling price of $45
- Ducati Scrambler Billet front brake reservoir cover, MSRP $110, Selling price of $80
- Factory Muffler and cat : Offers
- Factory Ducati Scrambler mirrors : offers
- Factory Ducati Scrambler 7/8 handlebar shortened 1/2 inch on both ends : offers
- Clean Factory Ducati Scrambler "ducati logo" grips : Offers
- Factory Ducati Scrambler Front and rear Turn signals : Offers
- Custom Aluminum Tidy Tail kit : $80 with License plate lights

Shipping will Vary depending on location, but I'll work out the best and cheapest rate to get the items to you via Usps or Fedex shipping if needed. I have some other stuff as well, but we'll see how the build progress goes and get them listed with time. Possible items on the side will be a Clean set of the Scrambler Classic Billet Front and rear fenders, CRG folding bar end mirrors and so on.

PM me here or send me an email to [email protected] in case I don't see the messages please, Thanks again for your time guys and gals!

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Does that FT seat match the Icon yellow?
I've seen pictures and if I remember right it's not an exact match but in the neighborhood.
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