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Ducati Scrambler first Mod?

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We know this bike is going to be a fun one to mod. What's your first modification going to be?
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A skid plate, knobbies and 14T sprocket on my yellow Icon.
It's going to be a set of pipes a remap and an airbox mod,then mirrors and crop the rear plate holder on my classic
More aggressive dual sport tires for my enduro look!
Depending on the comfort of the stock seat I may take a ride up to see Seth Laam in Redding California for a mod. Second definitely a skid plate since I do plan on exploring many fire roads not far from me in the Sierras.
Maybe a small handlebar bag or swingarm bag to put a few essentials (keys,glasses,cellphone, etc.) Probably new exhaust system and it seems a skid plate would be in my best interest.
Wire wheels from the Classic version, on a Red ICON for me
I will get rid of the mirrors, add asv levers, other than that not sure but the Ducati dealer told me they will be getting some upgade parts list in about a month hopefully. I also know he said that the Scrambler will be in some of the dealers in December for display, which dealers don't know that but he said it will travel to various dealers I guess in a van.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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