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Hey everyone!

I bought some new luggage items last month and wanted to share with everyone what I found since finding good pictures of luggage options for the Scrambler was such a pain. I originally purchased the SW-Motech SysBag setup (SW-MOTECH SysBag Setup), but I needed extra space for longer trips and debated a few options. I finally settled on the LoneRider Overlander 30L bag (Overlander) and the Biltwell EXFIL 11 tank bag (Biltwell EXFIL 11 Magnetic Tank Bag | 25% ($32.49) Off! - RevZilla). I went with the Overlander because of its size, shape, and ability to open it from the top without removing the lashing to the bike. The EXFIL tank bag fits snugly on the bike and gives me extra space without interfering with the cockpit. Putting every bag on the bike takes less than a minute, and they're rock solid while riding. The tail setup gives me 55 L of space and an additional ~4 L with the tank bag. Pictures and notes are provided below.

Tire Wheel Automotive fuel system Fuel tank Motor vehicle

Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Wheel

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

The tank bag attaches with magnets. The side panels are aluminum, so the magnets have to be placed along the top edge of the side panels. The placement folds the magnet tabs slightly inward but holds exceptionally well. I use the front edge of the bag as a guide and place it so the bag covers half of the gas cap. It gives me plenty of space in the seat and doesn't obstruct the gauge.
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire

Photograph White Product Tire Bicycle accessory

The front pocket doubles as a storage spot for my Garmin Zumo XT. Note how the bag covers half of the gas cap; this position works well for my riding position and handlebar setup.
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The Overlander bag comes with several tie-down straps. I used the two long straps for the front and a pair of short straps for the rear. In retrospect, I could have used four sets of short straps, but I preferred the long straps because they don't have the extra buckle (which cannot be removed).
Automotive tire Fender Gas Bumper Personal protective equipment

Short strap for the rear; long strap for the front. Both attach to points on the SW-Motech SLC carrier. The long strap ends in a loop, while the short straps are secured with a buckle.
Automotive tire Grey Automotive lighting Luggage and bags Bag

As a bonus, the Overlander is the perfect platform for my Giant Loop Armadillo 1 Gal bag (Giant Loop Armadillo Bag - RevZilla). The Overlander bag comes with a set of female buckles that allow you to shift the mounting points to different spots on the bag. Since the standard mount points work well on the Scrambler, I opted to install them directly on the Armadillo bag, and now I can swap the beaver tail for the Armadillo bag. It's cinched tight in the picture, but there is enough slack for when the bag is full. As a bonus, I can drop the top bag altogether and secure the Armadillo bag to the seat using the straps I usually use to secure the Overlander bag.
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Hope this helps others with finding the proper setup for their bike. Reach out if you have any questions.

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That's a heck of a set up!!! I love reading your detailed descriptions of how you installed everything. I also see you've gone with the Scorpion tires. I just took my first ride on mine yesterday (pavement only) and so far quite happy. I can't wait to get them on some gravel.
Thanks C’leen! I’ve taken mine out a few times on gravel roads and they work great. I can feel these tires hold traction better than the stock tires. Probably better options out there for off-road riding but these were ideal since I’m doing about 80/20 (on vs off).
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