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There were a lot of motorcycles introduced at this year's EICMA show. Everything from a new Vespa, a slew of electric motorcycles (even one from Harley Davidson of all producers), the Yamaha FJ-09 an ADV bike, to the crazy-fast super-charged Ninja H2. Men's Journal took it upon themselves to put a Top of the Show list together. Click through and sitting at Number 2 is the Ducati Scrambler.

Men's Journal said:
If you’re nostalgic for Steve McQueen-era dirtbikes, Ducati has your number. The brand’s new Scrambler lineup following the Ducati’s half-century of absence from the offroad bike market, and offers four takes on the genre: the entry level Icon ($8,495), the more dirt friendly Urban Enduro ($9,995), the retro style Classic ($9,995), and the flat track racer-style Full Throttle ($9,995). Though touches like LED lights and an underseat USB storage compartment put the Scrambler firmly in the 21st century, its styling cues and go-anywhere spirit keep it rooted in motorcycling’s Golden Age.

Read more: Ducati Scrambler Best of EICMA - MensJournal.com
I think this could mean that the new Scrambler will be a good seller. What say you?

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The awards and accolades don't matter to me. What does matter is the total experience: handling, power, ease of maintenance, adaptability to different riding surfaces, light weight, aesthetics and last, fun, fun, fun!
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