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This gif was lifted from the Ducati Scrambler Tumblr page and signals the radical new direction that Ducati has taken to promote the newest retro cycle to hit the market. Ducati is targeting the young, hip, and "non-conventional" motorcycle buyer with the new Scrambler as evidenced by the imagery and verbiage that they are using surrounding the new bike. Oh that and the fact that they have a Tumblr page... New, young, hip buyers know exactly what a Tumbr page is, and I do not. I do however know that I am very interested in this new bike.

I am do not fit the archetype of the "Ducati Buyer." I like to go fast, but I do not have full race leathers. I like to get aboard gravity or muscle driven forms of transport like mountain bikes and longboards just as much as I like to swing a leg over a two wheeled hot rod and cruise around town. That might be why I am so interested pursuing my first Ducati purchase.

The Boys in Bologna have hung their hats atop the heap when it comes to prestigious, beautiful, and powerful bike for a long time and rightfully so. Mention the term "Ducati" to anyone on the street, and you stir images of lightning quick track bikes from Italy. Italians have been known to design things that are first beautiful, then top quality, and finally fast. This is in stark contrast to what you think of when you think of Italians in general... Well, maybe only the fast part. Young Italians are generally a beautiful lot, and have accents and tempers that will melt the hearts of most who live outside the boot-shaped country, but they are NOT fast. They generally are known to hang out, smoke cigarettes, drink copious amounts of espresso, and eat for hours. Maybe that is the ticket to being beautiful. Someone needs to do a case study.

Now they are releasing a moto that is more about the way Italians really are. Fun, laid back, ready for a party, but at the same time, all hopped up on caffeine. I for one am looking forward to this bike! Might just make a Ducati rider out of me yet...
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