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Ducati Scrambler OEM windshield

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I saw they added a new accessory ... an expensive windshield Ducati Scrambler (sorry ... I can't link it directly because... well they don't provide links...)

However other than in the configurator I wasn't able to find any real world image. Do you have it? Mind sharing pics?


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I got the knock off from Amazon (about the only thing I've gone cheap on) and it looks and works great. Maybe 33 total including shipping. Took a little while coming over the ocean but worth the wait.

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It does provide a benefit, but only above about 50mph. And only thinning the air, not completely blocking it. But I'd say instead of a squad of rugby players beating my helmet with towels at 70mph, it's only a couple of children playfully throwing nerf footballs at my helmet.
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