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According to the latest news that I heard was that the Ducati Scrambler was going to be released at the 2014 International Motorcycle Show in Cologne, Germany. The snippet below matches up with that information.

CarTrade.com said:
The wait for all lovers of Ducati bikes is set to be over as the Audi-owned automaker has finally decided that it will lift curtains off the Scrambler on the 20th of September and do a global unveiling. The Italian firm released another video, third and last, on the resurrection of Scrambler, which is truly an iconic bike and also made the much awaited announcement, which said that the bike will make an appearance in September at the 2014 International Motorcycle show, set to be held in Cologne, Germany.
This agrees with the story that we ran earlier this week about Franco, Elvira and the Ducati Scrambler. There is a thread that was started based on the Ducati Scrambler Video Contest that suggests that the release date will be Oct 20th. I think that the contest will run for a month after the unveiling. Let me rephrase, "I hope that the contest will run for a month after the unveiling."
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