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While we're on the subject of music, I can really recommend a documentary about the Palm Springs / 29 Palms music scene from the 80's and early 90's. An absolute gem of a rockumentary! "Desert Age"

Because my wife and I are fascinated by the desert and the desert rock scene (now you know why I ordered a Desert Sled), we went to the opening of this movie in a shady theater in Echo Park, where we got to meet a few of the musicans as well. Blew our minds away. A trip.

Oh another desert related song, is Outside, by the Foo Fighters. The recording of this song was documented in episode 5 of Sonic Highways, which gives another inside in the Palm Spring rock scene in general, and Rancho de la Luna studio more specific. Think of Foo Fighters what you want (I personally think they are one of the greatest bands from this era), both the episode and this song are awesome, especially with Joe Walsh.

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