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I posted info on those tires in this thread here: Tyres or Tires?

Here is the post:

I was doing some investigating on the tires pictured above by finding a higher res image and trying to read the tires. They are Pirelli Scorpion MT21 Rallycross tires.

The front is OEM 110/80-18 size, and is a "rear" just like the TKC80 "front" tire, and can be had cheap in the US ($92 from Revzilla). Zooming in it's hard to read, but I think rear size in that pic is a 150/70-17. However, you can also get a 170/60-17 size (for $184 from HERE), which is only 1cm narrower than stock, so I think would work fine on the factory wheel for hitting the dirt.

For a US customer, this is currently cheaper than the TKC80 route, for which you can get the front for $166 shipped internationally on eBay, and the rear for $180 shipped. I don't know if they are as good of a tire or how long they last, but it's another option.​
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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