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The last new model from Ducati was the Multistrada which was a very important launch for the company. The company really needed a new model and they got three with the Multistrada, which was a jack of all trades. It was a cruiser, off-roader and sportsbike all rolled into one. Now the latest rumors are suggesting a new bike, named the “Ducati Scrambler” and in spite of it being closely guarded, a spy shot has come on the net. Ducati also gave a sneak preview of the bike in an official video from the Bolognese outfit.

The Scrambler name was last used by Ducati in 1974 when it had a line of single cylinder 250cc to 450cc motorcycles in the American market, named the Ducati Scrambler Jupiter. The first Scramblers had narrow case engines which have vertically split aluminium crankcase, a forward inclined (10 degrees) cylinder and a single overhead cam shaft driven by a set of bevel gears from the crankshaft.

The new edition of the Ducati Scrambler is touted to be more accessible, hence could be heading towards to us and the other Asian markets to give company to the Monster 795. Set to be released in 2015, the Scrambler will be a fun motorcycle with a design language harking back to the 1960′s and 1970′s. The heart of the Ducati Scrambler will be an air-cooled L-twin from one of the old monsters to keep things simple and lightweight, which will also help with the off-roading and give decent performance. The L-twin from the 796 is the prime candidate to be the heart of the Scrambler producing 87 bhp, making the Scrambler scramble to three digit speeds quickly.

From the video released by Ducati, the bike will have 10 spoke wheels, a single rotor front brake and decent accommodation for the pillion. The wheels are shod with flat track style rubber and also sport cooling fins for the air-cooled motor. A recent spy shot of the bike gave a good look at the two-tone fuel tank sporting an Aluminum patch, giving the Ducati Scrambler that 60′s look. The round headlight further add to the retro effect, but there might be LED style Halo eyed running lights to give a modern touch too. The look of the bike is questionable, some may like it, those who prefer the Continental GT over a Duke 390, maybe this is meant for those people. Also the wide handlebars coupled with a an air-cooled L-twin should make the new Ducati Scrambler a good all-rounder too.

Ducati is best known for high performance sportsbikes with 90° V-twin engines and a desmodromic valve design, where one cylinder is horizontal and the other vertical, like the letter L, hence getting the name L-twin. Desmodromic valves have a dedicated cam lobe and lifter replacing the traditional valve springs seen in most of the consumer vehicles. This enables the valves to close more quickly thus decreasing valve float which causes loss of power when using a conventional spring closing system. The Italian outfit also experimented with multiplate dry clutches instead of wet clutches which have their spinning parts immersed in oil to decrease friction. Ducati says the Dry clutch system is less restrictive with no power loss from oil viscosity drag. But the dry plate clutch wasn’t as smooth and wore faster than a wet clutch, hence making Ducati use the latter in their motorcycle lineup.

Sauce: http://www.indiancarsbikes.in/auto-...ion-for-the-harley-davidson-street-750-92974/
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