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Four decades of silence, but the Scrambler was only sleeping

It’s been 40 years since the last Scrambler rolled off the assembly line, and many thought that moment was the end of the road. Still, it looks like there only was so much more to this bike than meets the eye. The reborn bike is compared to the very rebirth of Ducati, and the first step on a path which was maybe forgotten, but never abandoned.

Ducati knew there would be massive following for this bike, so a very smart decision was made. Since the Scrambler was anyway associated with a specific lifestyle and represented so much more than a simple motorcycle, Borgo Panigale went ahead and created 4 versions, each addressing the needs and expectations of a slightly different rider. This way, Ducati made sure there were no more reasons for a Scrambler enthusiast to not get one.

Land of Joy lifestyle concept launched
Ducati is also launching the “Land of Joy” lifestyle concept, with the Scrambler as its centerpiece. Teased for many months with the greed lawn, street music and food and the ever-present yellow container, the new approach is obviously aimed at a young demographic, while not discounting the older riders who still have a young heart.

An internal competition started in June, and its goal was to find the two new ”Franco and Elvira”. The initial Scrambler faces of the ‘70s have been two actual Ducati employees, and the reborn bike obviously needed a new couple. The new Scrambleristi have been chosen by the employees themselves in the persons of Stefano Rendina and Federica Forlani.

Shreaking about the kick-off Scrambler, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali adds: “This first bike is particularly meaningful to. With its ‘Land of Joy’ theme, the Ducati Scrambler brand will be bringing a breath of fresh air and fun to dealerships and will provide a great product that combines modernity with heritage in a way never before seen in the motorcycle industry, a fact that fills us with enormous satisfaction and pride.”


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