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A matter of days, weeks, months ago, a Scrambler rolled out of a dealership near Paris, and was destined to be cut to pieces and shaped into something that will ignite the imaginations of petrol heads, and made the oil that coursed through their veins, pump just a little faster. Three great names came together to make a machine that is truly special: Ducati, Holographic Hammer and Hero&Co.

Holographic Hammer is a design and moto customizer tucked away in the forest surrounding Paris, France. Sylvain & Florent Berneron took the new Scrambler and were able to reimagine it as a bobbed-tail, racer. Taking a look at their catalog of amazing looking motorcycles you will quickly realize that this shop is not messing around in the least.

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After many hours sitting, thinking, contemplating, the design ideas started to come, and the work to put the conceptualizations to the digital "paper" that populate the design world in our generation. While the Scrambler is not a power hungry wolf, it has all of the punch needed to get a light bike up and rolling really nicely. HH took the Lotus approach in this concept, they stripped the Scrambler of virtually everything that wasn't necessary.

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They took the bike all the way down to the frame and teased that they were working on a new concept on their FB page. The trained eye would have immediately recognized the trellised frame of the Ducati Scrambler.

They dropped the two-up seat in favor for a solo seat that accompanies the bobbed rear. There is a channel in the rear hoop that houses the tail light and blinker setup that looks amazingly clean. The tidy rear section shortens the profile of the top half of the bike quite a bit and gives the bike a lean physique.

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Since the aftermarket for the Scrambler is not yet a robust cornucopia of bolt-on parts for the Scrambler, the welder had to be broken out to fab up many of the parts that make this Scrambler special.

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From the looks of the video and the renderings, the bike retains the same frame setup, head angle, and no engine work was done. The suspension, which in my opinion is lacking, was swapped out for what appears to be some Ohlin forks and a new rear shock to make this bike really planted for the road duty that this machine was built for.

From factory, to design, to paper plans, to the workshop bench, and then to the final stage of photoshoots and video production, the Hero 01 project bike is an exercise in customization and embodies the Scramber, "make it your own," sprit.

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I met Sylvain in Paris a few years ago, a really nice unassuming guy. Love his work and attitude. As an up and coming designer, it takes something to walk out of a job at BMW to set up on your own, but I wish him every success. I think he has the talent to become one of the greats.

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Fantastic - I love the shot where you can hear it in the distance then it screams by you. This platform has legs for sure. I see HH not just being another garage builder doing one-offs but I have the feeling that they are eventually going to become a low number manufacture of their own makes. At least that's what I hope to see from them - something bigger than what's out there now... As a designer myself (and like someone stated above) I see Sylvain as being one of the greats...
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