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Wow, looks amazing sheel! How're those skins on the road? Btw, really like that rear
luggage rack ... well done.

Thanks homie!

So far these Dunlop Missions have been sketchy on the road. I've got about 600 mi on them now and the front end is prone to wobbles - it's pretty damn scary at 80mph+. I think it's cause the tires are much heavier and much stiffer and not well balanced for the Desert Sled's geometry. They seem to be mellowing out a tad now but will have to see how they do in the long term. They also run hotter since they're bias-ply, building up heat pretty quickly.

That being said, once you get them leaned over, they grip very well. For the street, the STRs are much better, but I'll see how these do in the dirt in a few days where I suspect they will shine.

That rear rack a Hepco that I picked up from MotoMachines - Andrew at MM is awesome to work with!
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