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Hello, any consideration appreciated.

(2) m-blaze pin indicators and NRC fender eliminator added w/ no problem. (1 month)

NRC LED indicators have incredibly low visibility in daytime, so I spliced in (Y'd) additional m-blaze pins at the rear
(4x m-blaze + 2x NRC indicators total). Great visibility and no issue the evening of install & post ride. Thereafter upon KEY-ON, hazards default on the bike, additionally blinking on instrument panel with oil light. This used to last for 20 secs, stop, then indicators, lights, and all instrument functions are fine.

2 days & 150mi later. Issue happens at random while riding:
Yesterday specifically started during 20-30min at low speed off-road in direct summer sun and back onto hwy too; pull over power-cycle and issue stops shortly after I begin riding again. Issue continues today at KEY-ON, goes away after a min riding, then right indicator function doesn't work, left does but doesn't cancel, and hazards start at the end of that short ride (5 min).

I’ve tried rewiring different combinations with no change in issue: (4) m-blaze, (2) NRC-(2) m-blaze, (2) m-blaze only.
No dice. Bike currently only results in hazards.

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