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Engine bars / protection

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A mate of mine dropped his FT the other day, he was filtering in traffic when someone pulled in front of him. He nearly T boned it but skidded off and dropped his bike sideways on the left. He was ok, close call, could have been worse.

For reference the damage to the bike was:

Left Side of handlebar bar end scraped
Clutch lever bent and scraped
Gear lever bent
Engine casing scraped on the left at the bottom.

All pretty easy to repair/replace apart from the engine which he will probably have to live with.

By the looks of the damage the stock oem engine bars would be useless in this kind of drop, lower engine bars might help.

H&B ones look pretty cool, might opt for them just in case.

The Official UK Hepco and Becker Luggage and Accessories website - Index

Any thoughts other than don't drop you bike in the first place or don't filter between cars :)
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When I looked at and compared engine protection my decision was the H&B set up was best.

I also just fabricated some 22 mm bars to hold extra fuel containers on the back, as it turns out, they offer excellent protection for the rear of the bike in the case of a lay down or slide.

Aussie style long range tanks
I haven't actually had to use the full 10 liters (both 5 liter containers) so really can't comment on mass and balance.
Since setting that up I also purchased the 3 liter versions of the fuel containers and think that those will be the ones I use most unless a very long ride comes up. The 3 liter containers are the same width but smaller height and length dimensions. Hence, same brackets work.
I'll add some pics of them to the original post soon.

Funny you mention the saddle bag option, it occurred to me as well, although the post shows both saddle bags it is possible to rig up just one, leaving the other side for fuel. So what have you done today?

The whole set up offers a few different options for me now, depending upon requirements as to how I rig for any particular ride.
Difference in size between 5 and 3 liter fuel containers.

Red Pink Vehicle Wheel Auto part
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire

You might just get a glimpse of the H&B front engine protection bars in one of those pics, the 22 mm bar work on the back matches them quite nicely.
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Would those fuel cans survive the bike being dropped on them?
It would have to be a very dramatic drop to damage them.

Thickness and strength is of a high standard and the containers are strong.

The advertising spool shows the containers being run over by a car as an example of their strength.

My guess would be if the containers got damaged, at that point the bike wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry anyways.
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