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Ergal Aluminium Flywheel for Scrambler

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Anyone come across for internal modes for Scrambler yet? I'm looking for Ergal aluminium Flywheel replacement. I wonder if anything from available Ducati stock will fit Scrambler?
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Derek cheers. If it fits it is great. One of the top mod for me.
Derek said: Any that fit the 796 Monster will also fit the Scrambler.
According to Ducati dealership:- the Scrambler flywheel fitment is exclusive to the Scrambler model only.
Looking at the diagram, it does look physically different to other models including mountings etc.
Unfortunately, the catalogue is only available in a dealership. You need to ask for cross-check interchangeability of parts if you are looking for something specific. In my case it was a flywheel.
Derek said: Ah well, you'll need to find someone with a lathe who can skim a little off it for you.
Ah well, and if you have someone with melting furnace he can cast a flywheel for you. :)
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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