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Exhaust System Question

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I'm considering a Competition Werks exhaust for my FTP which currently has the stock Termi Evoline exhaust. The primary reason for this consideration is aesthetic and weight savings, I don't need more HP (but would take it, of course).
I've read several posts on the necessity (or not) of re-mapping with an exhaust system change. My question is, if I switch to a Competition Werks exhaust with baffle/silencer (db killer, I think it's called,) do I need to re-map? As mentioned, I'm not doing this for more HP, but I don't want any degradation in smooth running, starting nor do I want any possibility of damaging the motor because it runs too lean, etc.I'm very happy with how the bike runs now and reliability/durability is the major priority for me.
I've seen there is a lot of technical knowledge and experience out there and any input would be appreciated.
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Those are beautiful exhausts. Here's Charlie Brown's thread:

Competition Werkes Exhaust

Happy shopping!

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