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Finally got to see the Scrambler.

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At the DC IMS show. Very nice and felt amazingly light. I'm 5'8" and the seating position was very neutral and spot on. Many of my friends thought it was so small, I had to inform them that this is an 800cc bike. Then they started to get the picture. Looking forward to having the Scrambler in my garage.
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That's awesome! Did you have a chance to snap any photos?
No pictures worthy of posting, so many really good ones have been posted already. For those that haven't seen the Scrambler yet in person, I believe you will be impressed. To think an 800cc bike can feel so small and be that light. It's just what I was looking for. Scrambler should be a real hoot to take down the back roads or wherever. I put my deposit down in Oct. and glad I did. Now bring it on Ducati.
Glad to hear it wasn't too tall. One of the reasons I am downsizing due to health and age.
I had both feet flat and knees slightly bent, my wife is 5'5'' and she was close to having both feet flat on the ground. The Scrambler feels to be a confidence inspiring motorbike.
It's way different from my standing high GS.
Sounds great. I'm "vertically challenged" at 5'5 so the size stuff is music to my ears.
Sounds like I made the right choice so far. No if I could just see one in person :)
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