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I agree with El Toro, but also with a most of what you've written.
A good write up and I appreciate anybody spending their time to do such an in-depth piece.
I personally think the suspension is OK but also know it's not top of the line stuff. I'm used to bikes ducking and diving back in the day, some suspension units you would swear were made from cheese or hardwood so the Scrambler isn't so bad.
Touring, I would and will take it on a tour of Europe as I will have my Urban Enduro and my wife will have her Classic (colour change maybe) Not this year as we intend taking our other bikes which have also been reported as 'not suitable tourers). To me any bike used for a tour is a tourer.
I know some talk about windblast etc. well, I've had big nakeds for years and on my Diavel the clock showed 162mph for a short burst on German Autobanns, there was windblast but can be done, my KTM showed 180mph and still tugging but I know the clock is miles out from factory (recognised fault) so knock 20 off. Bottom line is windblast on the Scrambler for me is not a problem.
I'm not sure there is another bike out there that covers all the bases for me unless I use an old classic bike, which has it's own problems.
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