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I put together a video of the first day I got my Ducati Scrambler Icon. I thought that the experience on the scrambler was so different from when I ride my Suzuki Boulevard s40.

I also broke my mirror on the first day.

The Ducati Scrambler Icon is light and nimble. It is very easy to move around, that it feels like I'm gliding on the roads. It's light enough that I'm not afraid of the bike falling over when I have to stop. I'm also a shorter rider (5'). So it's a big deal to have a bike that is low enough that I'm not exactly on my tip toes, and that when I lean it to one leg, it's not too heavy. I've unfortunately dropped my bike, but from that experience, I learned that it's not difficult to pick the bike up again.

I appreciate all the bells and whistles that come with the bike. The ABS being standard is a great advantage (fortunately, I haven't had to rely on that). The built in-clock, trip meter and fuel light really makes me happy. I know, they're just simple things, but I haven't had the convenience of any of these on my other bike.

I am very happy with my Scrambler!


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