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First Ride Today on 0412 - WOW!

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OK, just so you know, I've only had a Vespa LX150 up til now. Brought the 0412 home yesterday, had meetings this morning and got to start it up and sit on it running for the first time this morning.
SO - I read about the break-in and decided to run it up and down the rpm range under load in most every gear for the first 20 miles.
Just got to say - holy moly - this is 20 times the moto the LX150 was!! I ran it up and ran it down the RPMs, decelerating through compression, all under load and at different speeds and gears.
Started breaking in the disc brakes as well - run up to 50mph, hard braking (just front) not coming to a complete stop, 6 runs this way and then complete cooling.
Now, same routine with just the rear brake, 6x, hard braking - not coming to a complete stop, then cooling completely.
Adrenaline completely drained I went home to listen to the bike cool in the garage - what a moto!!

Crazy fun!
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Congratulations. I am glad to see you are braking it in carefully. Some argue it isn't necessary but it WON'T hurt anything, that is for sure. Besides when you break it in carefully you get to tease yourself just a little bit more each day. I have to research that model it sounds interesting.

Close to 200 miles now and feel the Transmission is smoothing out more, still quite the jump when dropping into first gear from a full stop and clutch fully engaged.
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Welcome to the Land of Joy, Agent 0412
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