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Rode my Icon from mid NC to upstate NY through the Shenandoah mountains. 648 miles of all kinds of weather and terrain. Got to experience those knobbies on gravel for the first time and turns out my Falcon (her name since while downshifting she sounds like the Millennium Falcon when she can't make the jump to hyperspace) chews up the stones and spits them out. It LOVES the dirt roads here! For my very first ever road trip (2 days solo no less) I'm pretty proud of my preparations and packing. I had everything I needed in handy places. The rain gear went on and off more times than I could count. Went through hella storms in the mountains and had no problems! LOVE having a USB port on board - no problems keeping my phone charged and was able to use my GPS on the phone. In a few weeks I get to make the return trip! Here is how it looked upon arrival in NY
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