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First Scrambler service

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Hi everyone,

I've owned a Duc before and always took it to the dealer and swallowed the pill they gave me when it came time to pay. The last time I went in for service it was for the 7 or 8k service and it set me back $700. Now I have a Scrambler and want to do the maintenance myself but I am having a problem with the maintenance light. I can not find anything online that can guide me to fix this small problem.

If you have any information on how to reset the service light please let me know.

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Hi Lucky, welcome to the forum. Only the dealer can reset the light, from what I understand. Some folks take care of their own maintenance and pay the dealer a fee to do the reset. I just ignore the light.

Unless you're comfortable with accessing the ECU and the associated software, only the dealer can reset it.

They are usually happy to do so but it will likely void your warranty if you ask them to, without proof a registered garage has completed the service. (the rules may vary between countries)

If you know what you're doing:
Thanks to the both of you. I think I'll skip the dealership and do everything myself and just get used to the service wrench. Im not too tech savy so I'll wait until another time to go to the dealer.
If you do everything yourself your warranty is voided. In light of even the best manufacturer you will always have a percentage of products that will have problems.
The first service is very important, my bike came back after the service as a completely different ride, software may or may not be upgraded, you do it yourself and you miss out on that.
Double check, but in the US I believe the manufacturer has to have definite proof the owner caused the problem in order to deny the warranty.

Cant speak for US Law but in Europe you void your Warranty.
Slaine, I belive Sarah is correct. I live in the US and in the owner's manual, page 37, it clearly states that "The owner is responsible for the performance of all required maintenance. Such maintenance may be performed at a service establishment or by any individual." With that being said I visited my local Duc shop and paid around $80 for four quarts of oil, an oil filter and two washers. I inquired about reseting the service light and the parts guy said that they might be able to do it for around $30. I think that buying my supplies from them helped with the possibility of doing that without getting the full blown 600 mi service with them. Also, the mechanic gave me a checklist, told me to hold on to all my receipts and all will be fine. So that made me feel better about doing the work myself.

When I get the light reset I will post how much it cost and hopefully this post will help others make the decision of doing their maintenance themselves.
That sounds like a fine compromise; gave them a good chunk of money and allowed you some piece of mind. Thanks for posting back.

That sounds like a fine compromise; gave them a good chunk of money and allowed you some piece of mind. Thanks for posting back.

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