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I thought it was mainly to change the oil of all it's impurities during running in? My Guzzi was also 600 miles. For the second service they say 7,500 miles or 12 months whichever is sooner, well I am sure I won't have done anywhere near 7,500 miles, what if I have only done 1,000, I will still have to take it in?
Littleowl, you will have to take it in for warranty purposes ...BUT.... they don't need to do everything if it's at a low mileage. I haven't seen the Scrambler handbook yet ('still waiting for the bike never mind the h/b!) but the 796 h/b (same engine bar valve overlap) stipulates that certain things don't need doing until certain mileage is reached. So read your manual carefully and make sure they don't do anything unnecessary and certainly make sure you only pay for whats needed!
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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