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Footpegs or foot pegs?

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Besides fitting Multistrada 1200 footpegs to a Scrambler, has anyone had success finding other compatible enduro/motorcross footpegs?

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Thank Dave S. I am familiar with the SW Motech foot pegs. I just wonder how secure they are. I don't feel that comfortable standing on bolted-on pegs.

Touratech also offers their brand of foot peg (link below). I actually think they are the manufacturers of the offroad pegs for the Multistrada. But the price isn't much better than those that say "Scrambler Ducati" on them

Touratech Multistrada/Scrambler footpegs
Had the Sw-Motech fitted since I received my bike in May last year and they are still secure, they are after all made of steel so will still be stronger than anything made of aluminium, the bolts are also made of steel.
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