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Footpegs or foot pegs?

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Besides fitting Multistrada 1200 footpegs to a Scrambler, has anyone had success finding other compatible enduro/motorcross footpegs?

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Thank Dave S. I am familiar with the SW Motech foot pegs. I just wonder how secure they are. I don't feel that comfortable standing on bolted-on pegs.

Touratech also offers their brand of foot peg (link below). I actually think they are the manufacturers of the offroad pegs for the Multistrada. But the price isn't much better than those that say "Scrambler Ducati" on them

Touratech Multistrada/Scrambler footpegs
Okay...I give the SW Motechs a try. They're also more reasonably priced. Thanks for the feedback.
Update: Finally went for the Ducati Enduro Footpegs, and I am very pleased with them. Oh, and I installed a LeoVince exhaust too.

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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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