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When I had a test ride from my dealers demo bike I found the suspension (as most others have) a bit wanting on the damping side of things but the front was very soft to the point of diving way too much even when you touched the front brake.
I took a gamble and got the dealer to fit some heavier fork oil at the PDI before I picked my bike up. Personally I would have only went to 10w but they put in 15w which on something that is harshly damped initially was made a lot worse. That said, the dive had disappeared but my elbow joints were getting a battering on my local preferred roads.
Yesterday I made the decision to change the oil myself and put 7.5w Fuchs racing fork oil in and apart from knowing how much was in each leg (and looking at a few youtube vids on KYB forks) I had no idea what to expect inside.
LH leg 1st, was easy to drain and the spring on this side seems to be below the rod as I couldnt even see it. Got approx 295cc out of it and was happy there was no more in. Replaced it with 297ish cc or 10fl oz, put it back together then back on the bike no probs.
The RH leg is completely different and has a plastic spacer come spring guide that is approx 200mm long with the spring below it. You have to compress the spring with the spacer/guide to get to the nut underneath with a spanner to hold while you take off the fork cap. Once done you can remove the spacer/guide & spring.
Getting the 427cc out of this leg is some task pumping the rod in and out (I put the fork cap back on for something more substantial to hold onto) pumping the rod in and out then the outer part of the fork between times and slowly but surely I got just over 400cc but the damper was nice & free (ie just air inside).
filling the oil was less hard work putting some in then pumping until air purged & repeating until happy that around 425cc in & damping rod movement consistant, back together as it come apart then back on the bike.
Made sure everything tightened up and went out this morning down my local twisty bumpy road, ended up really happy as the harshness has lessened so now it is better than the demo bike, is more comfortable on my elbows but doesn't dive as initial test ride.
As I was unsure of what to find I had no thought of videos or photo's unfortunately but wasn't prepared to wait for exploded diagrams or torque settings (I went off previous jobs I did on my Tiger800).
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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