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Ducati is keeping so many secrets from us, the adoring public and Ducati-o-philes... The latest marketing scheme hatched by the boys in red, features inspiration from an iconic Scrambler image above.

Legend has it that these two go by the name of Franco and Elvira. Franco, one of the test riders for Ducati in the late 60's, and Elvira, a member of the administrative team, were selected by Ducati to appear in the ads for the original Scrambler. This was pretty innovative of Ducati as they took out full color ads for this campaign, which was undoubtedly pretty pricey in the late 60's, but they had a pretty innovative bike on their hands. It was designed specifically for the North American market and upon it's release, it was a smash hit among Americans and vets returning from Vietnam.

The bike personified the prevailing attitude of the youth. A nimble and simple bike that was meant for nothing but fun, care -free days out with friends hopping from beach party to beach party. The marketing department of the current Ducati Scrambler are harkening back to those heady, and fun-filled days surrounding the original launch of the Scrambler.

The characters, Franco and Elvira, that sold the original Scrambler are being tapped by way of stop motion and time travel to sell yet another generation of Ducati Scrambler. This stop motion trilogy chronicles Franco's journey from the future a-la a pseudo Robot Chicken Mad Scientist / Doc Brown character that transports him to meet his first, Elvira, and second love, the Scrambler at Woodstock. Before they are able to kiss, they are inadvertently transported, sans Scrambler, to present day WDW2014 where they are reunited with the new generation Scrambler. Then they see an image of themselves, kind of, that closes the storyline out, plot holes and all.

Check out the videos below:

Franco and Elvira Episode 1:

Franco and Elvira Episode 2:

Franco and Elvira Episode 3:

The Scrambler will makes it's formal debut on September 30th during Intermot 2014 (the international motorcycle fair held in Cologne, Germany), ready for its subsequent arrival at Ducati Stores all over the world early in 2015.
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