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Hello Everyone,

I live in France and I bought a Ducati Scrambler Hashtag (400cc) 2019 in this February. It was a demo bike in the dealer (100 km) and 2 months after I bought it, I started to face with two problems. I tried to apply all the rules on manual during breaking in period and I made the first maintenance on time.

1. Dead battery
  • I didn't use my motorbike during pandemic for about 1 month and it didn't run after (nothing on display) I removed the battery and charged.
  • 2 months after, when I was going to holiday I removed the battery. After my return (1 month) I installed it again but it didn't start (display was showing 11.2 V)
  • I removed and charged it again, display was showing 14.8 V but it decreased in time while I was using the bike frequently and voila, one morning it didn't start again.
  • I started the engine by pushing the bike (2-3 times) to let it to charge itself but each time it becomes harder to run and then it started to display engine error with battery on the display. Then at that point I took it to the service

2. Friction noise while releasing the clutch
  • It never happens when the engine is cold, when it warms up and I stop -in a traffic light for example- a weird friction noise (like between metals) coming while I am releasing the clutch lever for take off (I tried both first and second gear and result is the same). The duration of the sound depends how long it takes to fully release the clutch lever (2 to 10 seconds)
  • It was not happening when I first bought the bike, it started around 700-800 km.
  • When rolling, it never happens in any gear, just during take off..

Official Ducati Service proposed to change 3 parts;
1. Battery
2. Starter
3. Clutch plate

They said battery and starter will most probably be paid by warranty but they are not sure if Ducati will pay the clutch plate..

Do you think the diagnosis is correct? Is it reasonable that the warranty might not pay the clutch plate, could it be my fault?
Thanks for you answers in advance..

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Everything should be covered by warranty. Insist on it or go to your French consumer rights organization and get them to sort things for you.
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