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Just changed the tyres on the front and rear and stupidly did not note which way around the wheel spacers went..

I kept the left on the LHS bike and Right on RHS bike - but did not note the way they came off the shaft.

The LHS is symetrical - so no issue

However the RHS is not... - I reassembled the way I thought looked correct... but would be good if you guys could confirm..

Because as there is no Work Shop Manual... I have nothing to reference.

Attached is how I assembled it.

Can those of you who have not taken the front wheel off check and let me know.

I reassembled the spacer with the small side - nearest the taper on the spindle - large side of the spacer against the bearing.

Also.. none of the bearings have external seals... just the bearing shielding - that surprised me..


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