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Selling these because they get very little use These are much much better than the speakers that come with most if not all communication devices. I don't own a com device so I got these for music only. I have found that I generally don't listen to music anymore while riding.

Purchased directly from the company here...

You get the box, key chain (unused), 4 spacing pads (unused), key chain ring (unused). Everything the link above shows the speakers come with, you'll get except the one time use sticky pads which are applied to the speakers so they stick to the ear hole of your helmet.

Original price is $120+shipping

I'll ship to Canada free and to USA for $10. Happy to ship abroad at buyers expense.

$ MVIMG_20200828_152402.jpg MVIMG_20200828_152413.jpg MVIMG_20200828_152428.jpg 80USD + shipping.
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