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Hello, All!

I swapped out the stock handlebars on my Icon for FT handlebars after only 50 miles of having them on the bike. I don't have any plans for them so I figured someone that may have switched to a different set of bars or someone that prefers the higher positioning of them on a FT can grab them.

Comes with everything you need to install including the OEM clamps w/ integrated gauge mount and stock length OEM M8 bolts. The marks on the bar are from where the controls rubbed against it from the factory, so those should be covered up when you install your controls onto the bar.

I'll sell the set for $80 SHIPPED anywhere in the lower 48. Shipping for this will probably be in the $20 range, which I'm covering under the $80 price. Paypal only. Thanks!

2015-11-09 08.43.57.jpg
2015-11-09 08.44.24.jpg
2015-11-09 08.44.27.jpg
2015-11-09 08.44.44.jpg
2015-11-09 08.44.51.jpg
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