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I have two sets of custom cut TechSpec tank grips with their new thinner Xline material. The tank grips have been cut to follow the contour and shape of the Scrambler Desert Sled tank but should fit other Scrambler tanks. The edges have also been beveled per TechSpec's instructions. The Xline pad is thinner and IMO a lot more comfortable to grip without being too abrasive on pants/jeans.

$40 shipped to the lower 48 U.S. states.

TechSpec considers these as wear items, so they will eventually need to be replaced, but I've used their products on previous bikes that lasted for years. Just depends on how much use they get.

You can see my thread about the tank grips here: TechSpec Tank Grips

These are easy to apply.
1. Heat up the surface to at least 80F* (per TechSpec instructions) using the sun or hair dryer. I used a heat pad that I warmed up in the microwave.
2. Clean the surface with alcohol and a lint-free cloth.
3. Align the pad to your liking.
4. Remove the rear liner exposing the sticky back and roll the pad to completely apply, removing any air bubbles while applying.
5. The tank grip sets up in about 12 hours (per TechSpec)

Xline Texture
View attachment 44699

Tank Pads on the bike:

View attachment 44701

View attachment 44702

View attachment 44703

Set A: Curved front

Set B: Flat Angled front


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