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fuel tank "under pressure"

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the fuel tank lid is difficult to open..... the inner pressure seals it to the tank and I have to strongly pull out using the lock's cover till air comes in (pppssssssss)

someone else has same issue?
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I'm interested to hear the result as I have the same issue.
I went to the dealer today - he was surprised when I showed him the suction that was under the cap when I lifted it. I suspect that this vacuum is also responsible for the stalling that I experience sometimes when downshifting and blipping the throttle.

They took the bike in to the workshop and said they cleared out the relief tube. Will see what happens...
I have a sneaking suspicion the might have just used compressed air. When I filled up immediately after the visit to the dealer, a small vacuum Had already formed, I'll see what happens next time I fill up.
I still have the problem, I have my bike scheduled in for the dealer to have a proper look in mid August.
Ok, update - I dropped my bike off at the dealer a couple of weeks ago. They took a look and told me they found a blockage in the equalizer tube. Since then there have been no problems, my tank has no vacuum. The fuelling also seems to have improved.
I have also noticed that the problem I was having with stalling on the downshift+braking has gone too.
1 - 7 of 52 Posts
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