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fuel tank "under pressure"

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the fuel tank lid is difficult to open..... the inner pressure seals it to the tank and I have to strongly pull out using the lock's cover till air comes in (pppssssssss)

someone else has same issue?
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Any progress Francesco?
unfortunately I was stopped by flu...... incredible.... will try to enjoy the bike this week end.... fingercrossed
I still have the problem, I have my bike scheduled in for the dealer to have a proper look in mid August.
Ok, update - I dropped my bike off at the dealer a couple of weeks ago. They took a look and told me they found a blockage in the equalizer tube. Since then there have been no problems, my tank has no vacuum. The fuelling also seems to have improved.
still the same... but not yet visited the dealer... will do...
Good news blockage found and fixed
issue solved, a tube was pinched under the tank
I have also noticed that the problem I was having with stalling on the downshift+braking has gone too.
Hi Hedonism, I wonder if you could take a picture of the tube you are talkin about. i have the same issue but the dealer did not find anything wrong. :(
no, sorry.... the dealer fixed the issue and the tube is under the tank. I think that simply lifting the tank you / the dealer should see the tubes and fix any pinch
I'm glad this thread was started I've had the same issue after my fuel tank was damaged when my bike was put together, ( by a couple of monkeys it seems!) my fuel tank was then replaced after lots of messing around, it all seemed OK for a while. The last few fill ups I noticed the tank cap was a sod to open, due to a vacuum in the fuel tank, more so now as the weather is warming up here in west straylia,thanks to you guys for some tips I've fixed it now! And yes the two vent pipes were crimped, I hope this issue hasn't shortened the life of the fuel pump, so now I'm going to send those monkeys an email. If your bike does the same please get it sorted asap! Thanks. Geeza
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I had this on a 2015 icon in the UK, it went in for a service in Abergele (Wales) and they saw the breather hose purposely crimped on the bottom of the bike, they cut the hose a little, that cured that problem, resently though there is now a pressurisation in the tank, maybe the hose is blocked again
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