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If you’ve driven an enduro motorcycle you know they are one of the world’s ultimate toys, capable of roaring down the highway or crawling through the forest over rough double-track with ease. I spent years blasting around an island in the Caribbean where I lived on a burnt-out 200cc model and loved every second of wind in my hair and gravel in the air.

Ducati bikes tend to be purebred street monsters with screaming acceleration and track-worthy handling. But a new bike, the Scrambler, is built for the adventure set.

The Scrambler Ducati (the company is putting “Scrambler” first) is a re-issue of a long absent but much beloved model that was produced decades ago.

It comes loaded with an 803cc L-Twin engine (with 75 horsepower at 8,250 rpm) and 50 foot-pounds of torque at 5,750 rpm. This steel steed will definitely walk the walk. It comes in four configurations — the differences are mostly aesthetic — and has an entry price of $8,495.

This enduro-style bike isn’t a dirt bike and definitely not designed for ripping singletrack, but with travel of 5.9 inches and wet weight of 410 pounds, it will be entirely capable for moderate off-road use.

Read the rest here: Adventure Bike Ducati Scrambler
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