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Get your very own Scrambler branded Fat Bike

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This isn’t quite the small capacity Ducati Scrambler we were hoping for, but a lightweight Ducati e-Scrambler electric bike has been unveiled.

Built under licence by Italwin, the e-Scrambler is more of a mountain bike than a motorcycle, but it’s designed with styling and paintjob inspired from the Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro.

The company describes the Fat Electric Bike as a revolutionary product in the field of pedal assisted cycles. Fat four-inch tyres make the e-Scrambler capable of carrying you over uneven surfaces which may not be accessible on ordinary bicycles, like snow, sand and gravel.

The e-Scrambler is powered by a 250W motor having a range of 50km, with a maximum speed of 25kmph. And there are six different levels of power assistance, depending on usage and road surface. Of course, there are always the pedals to fall back on.

Ducati is expected to unveil nine different models at the EICMA motor show in Milan later this month. We’re expecting a smaller capacity Scrambler to be unveiled too, something like a 400cc Scrambler, so keep watching this space.

Secret Sauce: Ducati unveils e-Scrambler electric bike
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Well Nick I do like that, :) I'll have to re write my Christmas present list ( to/from myself):rolleyes:
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