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Hi all, new to the forum but this may be of use to someone considering one of the Gipro-DS gear indicators.

First, you need the firmware version C09 (not the C07)
Most UK suppliers have the correct one, I purchased mine from Moore Speed without a problem.


In the advertising it states "plug and play" only ONE connection (the diagnostics port) and no learning required.
That is NOT TRUE.


do not let this put you off, its a doddle to fit and sort out.

First, the instructions tell you to goto the fusebox under the right handside and use the quick connector to with the GIPRO red wire and the bikes red/black wire - WRONG there is no fusebox there (at least there isn't on my FT) There is a second part of the guide (that healtech will send you) saying splice into a different wire up under the tank for the side light or something - WTF - its blinking hard to get your hands up into there without a load of work !!
The red wire for the GIPRO-DS is solely to power the unit, so its no big deal tbh, I wanted mine ignition switched (for ease of reset of the unit if needed too)

MY solution.
Run the GIPRO wire along the frame (as you have too) upto where you plug the diagnostics part in. The single red wire that comes out of the GIPRO's wire half way along (that's supposed to be spliced under the tank into a power source) I just extended that wire to the same place under the seat as the diagnostics plug, lifted the USB power port that's on the Ducati and used the supplied connector on that feed (black and white wire) which is ignition switched. Job done.

Works fantastically and I'm very pleased with it.

I know a lot of people think they are a waste of time and you should know which gear your in etc etc etc BUT for beginners and a lot of town riding and occasional riders they are rearly very very helpful (especially if you came from a bike that had one).
The amount we spend on looks for these bikes, it nice to spend some on functionality for once lol....

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