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I wanted a tank bag for my new DS and decided to go with the Givi EA106B Easy-T 6L Tank Bag again. I had this on my KTM 390 Duke and it worked well on that bike before I sold both. I'm mainly using it to store a helmet lock carabiner, tire repair kit, portable inflator, visor cleaner, microfiber towel, a windproof balaclava (for night riding), its own rain cover and carrying strap and a few other things. The things I liked about the bag and decided to use it again are:

1. Small and affordable. It's less than $60 on Revzilla as of 03/26/2020.

2. 6L of capacity with two zippered pockets.
3. Easy install with a hybrid mounting system with 4 strap mounting points with double d-rings (includes 4 straps), two large magnets (which can be removed if desired) and a front main strap with a quick release buckle.
4. Includes a rain cover.
5. Fits the elongated shape of the fuel tank.


The install was relatively easy and took less than 10 minutes.

1. Open up the side wing magnets on the bag and place it on the tank for your desired location. Mine is centered pretty good, so I don't hit when I'm riding the bike.

2. Determine the length needed for the front main strap by routing it through the front of the frame. It's okay if you loop it over the cables and hoses since this is just for a test fitment.

3. Pull and tighten the front strap on the buckle and buckle it. Tighten it a bit more if desired.

4. Slightly pull the bag towards the back of the bike to determine final placement.

5. Release the front buckle and pull it back out from the frame.

6. Tighten the strap a bit (since it'll be routed under the cables and hoses) and loop the excess to itself with the black elastic loop.

7. Feed and route the strap through the frame again but under the cables and hoses so it doesn't bind and cinch any of them.




4. Pull the bag back to tighten any additional slack on the front strap and vìola! Done!



When I want to refill the fuel tank, I just lift the rear and swivel the bag to the right and out of the way.

The magnets are pretty strong and hold up fine on the street. Haven't tested it off-road yet, since I'm still breaking it in and waiting on some crash guards. If the magnets don't hold up during off-road/adv use, I plan to custom fab a quick release buckle using a pair of the included straps to loop it through the frame, sliding them under the side tank covers and onto the rear D-rings on the bag. I'll update this thread if/when that happens.
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