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I bought these Givi PL7407 racks from Fortnine for $290 plus tax = $328 Canadian. Below is the link for their ad.
Now, they came off of a 2017 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, and I want to be upfront that I had to bend the attachment tabs very slightly to get them to fit. The DS is slightly different from the rest of the Scrambler line, in terms of frame and suspension. However, there isn’t any damage from that, and they could be readily used on other Scrambler models.
There are some marks on the frames, but really, once you put the cases on, you really can’t see the racks anyhow. I put a layer of Monkey Tape over areas that would receive the cases, to minimize marks. As you can see, the Monkey Tape is still on the racks. Really, you could easily give them a quick paint with a rattle can, and no one would be the wiser…strip the tape off first!

These Givi racks were sturdy, and carried aluminum cases for about 18,000 km, including 1000 km of gravel.
I'm sure they would easily carry soft bags, as well.

This price is for the Racks only. The cases are not included, but I might consider selling them.
The Aluminum Side Cases (tin cans) were made by Dirt Baggs in Alberta…I think Alberta.
Luggage Holders Side Case Holder Pannier Racks frame sideframe bars crash bar


PL-7407 PL 7407 PL7407
Give me $100 CDN and we will both be happy. Of course, shipping is extra. I'm in Ontario, Canada.
Email me at [email protected] Happy riding!

The white Desert Sled was mine. The actual pictures racks aren't too exciting, but the hardware is wrapped in the green tape.


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