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Sorry, posted this in the wrong sub previously, duplicated below.

Doing some cleaning up and came across a box containing a windshield that I bought before a moto-camping trip I took back in 2016. Problem was, I forgot to take the mounting hardware with me before I left. So, the windshield and mounting hardware was never used. It's all still in the boxes, only removed for the pictures below. I bought it for my '16 Scrambler (the 800). I assume it would fit other models, but I'd ask potential buyers to verify that before buying this.

So, for sale is a brand new (never mounted) in box Givi Windshield (windscreen?) for a Ducati Scrambler Icon 800. I'm asking $50 + 1/2 shipping. If it matters, it will be shipping from Orlando, FL.

Questions, let me know.

If it matters, for long trips moving forward, I have another bike that I ride now, also shown below for reference.

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