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Before I begin, I couldn't exactly figure out what header this should go under but I think this best fits here. ALSO, this really does not need a response or a rebuttal or is meant to start a crazy spun out topic. This is just what I experienced and wanted to share, when people are mad they will happily blast someone/thing on boards but this a positive and again only my experience.

About four (4) months ago I started my search for a new Ducati, with my last one being a NIB 1999 996. A long long long time ago I was a factory certified Ducati mechanic, and was always very proud of this working in shops from 1995ish to 2000. I went to my local dealer (Adventure Motorsports of Northwest Florida, in Pensacola) roughly 50 miles away, to get eyes on what was current. Thought I wanted a Scrambler 1100 Special, but they had the 1100 Sport on the floor. Of course the Ohlins is eye catching, and being old, I had never had them on any of my bikes. Still, I was strong and inquired only about the possibilities of them getting a Special. Guy was nice but wasn't sure if he could get one but took my information and said he'd call if he could.

Started a search through the internet and found several around the Georgia and South Florida area. By the way, Georgia, an OTD price is just that, kinda sh#tty to give a price and then on the buyers order it's $2.5k higher. Anyhow, was able to get a quote and buyers order for a Sport that was actually cheaper than what I had received for a Special. I took this as a higher power telling me Ohlins was really what I wanted.

I did hear from my local dealership and they were not able to get a Special. Brief conversation later, I learned the Sport was still on the floor and asked if he'd send me a buyer's order. Really not trying to waste anyone's time and not wanting to get off on the wrong foot with my local guys as this is where I planned to have services performed. The buyers order comes through for an 800 and was higher than my order for a 1100 Sport. No problem, plans are made to buy from a South Florida dealer, truck rental arranged and now just waiting on the bank to finish their thing.

Local dealer calls, not the same sales man but still someone from the shop. I explained, not looking to haggle or do the he said she said thing, but I'm looking to purchase somewhere else but still plan to service with them. Trying to keep this shorter than the bible, he asked the price and I told him. I did also tell them that my CPA wife found a mistake in their math and I knew upon review they would find it, coming to around $400. Not wanting to mess with Karma, I also disclosed the mistake. A third (3rd) phone call was roughly $550 higher than the one I planned to go with.

After doing the math on the truck rental, possible motel stay (10 hour trip one way) and gas spent...local dealer was without a doubt the best deal.

Now, that set up completed, I finally digress to the reason for the post to begin with. If you're still reading this, I probably just lost you now.

At the purchase I made an appointment for the 600 miles service for two (2) weeks afterwards. Rain through the first weekend and into the first part of the week only put me at close to 300. Took a chance and took it in and they said no, need to get closer to 600. Rescheduled for the next Saturday. I was able to get almost to 600, over 550, when I pulled into the service bay. The Service Manager remembered the appointment but forgot to save it, no big deal though as he was still able to squeeze me in. While at the shop I killed time in a very nice waiting area. Every employee who walked by asked if they could get me something or if I needed anything. Not that creepy follow you around the place eye balling you but a genuine attempt to help.

Inquired with the parts guy about locating a chain guard/inner fender. He wasn't able to find one but asked me to come behind the counter and use his computer that showed all the available 1100 Scrambler parts Ducati does offer. In all my years at shops, I've never seen a customer go behind the parts guy's counter. This was another just trying to genuinely trying to help me.

The service was running long as there was an update available and the download was taking longer than expected. I wondered throughout the showroom looking. Again asked by every employee that came within ten (10) feet of me, if I needed anything or had questions. Forgot to add that everyone asked if I wanted a bottle of water, apparently free, but still noted.

An older gentleman approached and as the rest asked if he could assist me, I told him no, just waiting on service. We spoke for some time and learned he was the owner. This had to have been one of the most pleasant conversations I've ever had with a salesman, in their store, and not once was there a sales pitch. Just a plain ole BS session between two (2) people.

Anyhow, I was just so moved by the whole experience that I had to type this out. The service, including a new hat, was less than $250. No one tried to hit me with any sales pitch or acted like you were not there after first contact. This was just not anything like what I was expecting, from the Service Manager, to the mechanic who did the work, from the parts guy to the numerous salesmen and finance guy and hell, I'm not even sure where or what all these employees did or came from. Every single person in there was just outstanding.

I have left there with the feeling I will not even look anywhere else for my next bike or need. I am so happy this is what I can expect to get from my local shop.

note- I have written this on my own without any prompt or for any kinda deal or any other thing from the dealership. My hope is to maybe read others good experiences with their dealers. I also do not work the dealership or ever had or actually know anyone from the dealership other than my initial visit, second visit for purchase, third for sneaky attempt by me to get my 600 service and finally today's visit.
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