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Going wide on Exits!

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Never had this problem before but on the Scrambler at my favorite roundabout it runs really wide, I go in at the same point as all my other bikes, steady throttle, nice lean angle and speed but it runs Wide! Would increasing the preload on the rear Help? I've got the maxton conversion front and rear, I've never touched it or ever set up suspension before.
Thanks for any advice in advance.
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Jack up the rear suspension preload. Even just too see if it helps.
I had the same on my Desert Sled on my first ride. I prefer my bikes to steer neutral, leaning towards a light oversteer, not understeer.

I added about 15mm of preload on the shock collar. Part of this just to offset my weight, the average Italian testrider weighs closer to 150lbs, while I am around 210-220lbs. But also the quicken up the steering.

These 15mm did it for me. It's perfect now. It just goes where I'm looking, and doesn't need any extra steering input.

And to be honest, I think part of this is to blame to the wide rear tire (especially on the "regular" Scrambler), 180/55 is kind of wide and flat.
Ever seen a bike on a dyno? Bike's don't squat under accelleration....

Who decelerates on exits? :stupid:

I think I understand the OP: the moment you're past the apex, and you start to exit the turn, the bike stands up quicker and rolls wider than desired. Assuming the road is flat and well maintained, I blame this more on geometry and tire sizing and shape, than on damping settings.

Anyway, aren't the MT60 as fitted OEM, slightly flatter than the Angel GT's? I would assume the Angel GT's to roll slightly easier into, and out of a turn...

Anyway, testing a little preload is a free test.
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The angle of your turn is determined when you enter it. There isn't much you can do in the turn to shorten the angle
I don't want to be the wiseguy, but this is simply not true. A little countersteer is all you need to tighten a turn.

Sounds to me like the OP doesn't want to countersteer to get the bike where he aims it.

Let's await his reply ;)
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