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I put my deposit down on a scrambler urban enduro. 2nd dep they took on a Scrambler. I was a little nervous and stopped by today to talk about options. I am still not sure I love the green color. They assured me that I could change models anytime I want and would still get my pick (2nd) of scramblers when they come in. I am going to NY show on the 13th and can change my mind on model, get cash back, put money toward a nine tee or anything I wanted. I gave them my Harley also as a trade in which they have sold. The are triumph duc, bmw, victory, Kawasaki, vespa and sell 4 wheelers etc. These guys are a pleasure to work with. This will be my fourth bike with them and I just wanted to share how nice it is to deal with reputable guys.

Cross Country Motorcycles in Metuchen NJ - Number one in my book
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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