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I've been looking around for an exhaust to replace my current one with. I have 15 Icon, with a FT Termi. I'm looking for something more throaty, a little louder, lighter and better looking. Would love it if it added any kind of performance improvement too, but really don't expect much, if any.

I really like the SC Project CRT but it ain't cheap. The Hotbodies MGP exhaust Carbon Fiber looks similar, and sounds great IMO, and is less than half the price.

Anyone here have any experience with it? How is it without an ECU reflash (Hotbodies claim it's unnecessary) ? Does the throttle response change at all? Is it any less or more snatchy? Does it lessen the power at all? Or improve it? And, if you did reflash the ECU, how did perform? And what route did you take/recommend as far as reflashing goes?


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