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When I removed the bolt behind the rear brake sensor there was no washer between the bolt and the rubber bushing. I am referring to the bolt (and washer, and bushing) that's shown in the 4:18 mark of this video:

The bolt was just screwed against the rubber bushing which seems odd to me due to friction that would be created between the moving bolt and the bushing when getting to the fully tightened end. I am the first owner of this 2019 scrambler and find it hard to believe that this is how it came from the factory (unless someone tells me this is normal). Wouldn't the friction throw off the torque reading? Did any of you experience the same situation?

I am no longer going to use the Givi crash bars due to not being able to align the mounting holes so I am looking to put everything back together to stock. Should I add a washer or should I just, as it was before, tighten the original bolt against the rubber bushing to the factory 36Nm spec?

Also, not a big deal to reuse the same bolt, right?
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