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Head light

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I think the headlight is rubbish,anybody else?

Has anyone done anything to improve it?
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The Scrambler headlight is a reflector housing. These are not designed to be used with xenon bulbs. The conversion kits like the ones on ebay do put a cutoff in them, but it's not a completely clean cutoff like a xenon should be, so there is quite a bit of light spill. While the color is xenon, and they are bright, they don't look "right" compared to a real xenon housing (the automotive forum term being "ricer"), and the light spill is usually troubling to others on the road. I advise against it.
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The bike is far less visible from the front with the LED only, especially if you are a little off angle. I wanted to do the same thing, but considering the NUMBER one thing people say when they hit a motorcycle is "I didn't see them," I decided it wasn't a good idea.

That said, it'd look bad ass.
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