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Head light

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I think the headlight is rubbish,anybody else?

Has anyone done anything to improve it?
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No problem Feli, good luck, :)

You may like to tell us how you got with the new bulbs :cool:
Yes, good luck and let us know.

Just successfully finished installing my new bulb, what an ordeal! Screw #3 is a p*** in the @ss! Took me about 90 minutes! Glad I didn't pay the dealer. I took a "before" photo last night, will take an "after" tonight. Hopefully it was worth the sweat and tears!
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Well done Feli, Hopefully It'll improve your lighting, Screw 3 , did it have loctite on it, if so may have been easier to warm it up a touch,
The Scrambler headlight is a reflector housing. These are not designed to be used with xenon bulbs. The conversion kits like the ones on ebay do put a cutoff in them, but it's not a completely clean cutoff like a xenon should be, so there is quite a bit of light spill. While the color is xenon, and they are bright, they don't look "right" compared to a real xenon housing (the automotive forum term being "ricer"), and the light spill is usually troubling to others on the road. I advise against it.
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I did notice riding out with my friend on his Pan European the other day my headlight looked like a candle beside his :rolleyes: but as I don't tend to ride in the dark it's not an issue for me
Running a relay kit straight from the battery is a proven way to increase brightness :sunny:without doing scary things like using overrated hotter bulbs :indecisiveness: or using blue tinted bulbs that only give the illusion of better light. :nono:

Eastern Beaver makes high quality H4 lighting kits of exceptional build quality and decently priced:

H4 Kits
Don't know how we managed with 6 volts in the 50s and early 60s :rolleyes:
Motorcycling is scary so I tend to ride with my eyes closed anyway so the headlight doesn't bother me..
On a more serious note my previous bike was '56 BSA A10 (6volts). No problems with that one, we have lighting on most of the roads. If it got too dark I'd just turn on my mobilephone screen and point that forwards. It's just a mindset type of thing.
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I try not to ride at night, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Deer are thick in this part of the country so you'll want a decent light.

I will be doing 50% of my riding in the dark hours. But Fro the looks of things I think I will be ok.
Lets face it, the seat, the shock, the..... but that Headlight!!! There Must be a way to wire the led 'light ring' to stay on with NO other lights right?? or to wire it for daylight only. Im talking about going Tron on my icon.....
I dont mind adding its own switch which Im sure will be the only way around this... Any electric gurus out there have a nugget or two for my vision.
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Put a switch on the ground wire for the H4 bulb (not the high or low beam connection - just the ground).

Referred to as "common" in the linked pic.

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Hi Rfoxxy,

Not sure if you want the LED ring on instead of the dipped head light ( it does look good when you turn on ignition).

However. I am pretty sure traffic laws in UK and Europe and some states in US require bikes to have front dipped headlight and rear light permanently on in daylight hours.
The bike is far less visible from the front with the LED only, especially if you are a little off angle. I wanted to do the same thing, but considering the NUMBER one thing people say when they hit a motorcycle is "I didn't see them," I decided it wasn't a good idea.

That said, it'd look bad ass.
I know in the VW scene, guys buy the euro switch and its a direct swap to get led lights only. Maybe someone will make a switch for the Scram that will do the same.
In Europe bikes also have to have the headlight on all the time. So I guess there won't be an European switch. But you can always get a small switch like that: http://engelking.de/sites/default/files/imagecache/product_full/P 0600HD Cr1s.jpg
and put it somewhere between the fuse for the headlight and the headlight. But make sure to make it waterproof!
There's no law in the UK that states you have to run with a headlamp on, however, I agree it does make you more visible.
Okay I had a look, the UK and Ireland are the only two countrys in Europe where it is not obligatory to run the light at daytime for motorbikes. It is recommended though. So you guys just go for the extra switch.
While I appreciate the "legal/Safety" opinions/advise in this THREAD (see thread below for legal advise....) Thanks, AsiaOildude, for sending me in the right direction....keep you posted.
Chers All!


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