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Heated Grips and Throttle Tamer

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Has anyone put a Throttle Tamer on a Scrambler with stock Ducati heated grips? I have heated grips and know that they come pre mounted on a throttle tube but don't know if you can take the grips off the stock tube and put them on the Throttle Tamer.
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I wish someone could answer your questions because it's exactly my question, if the answer is no, you can't take off the stock tube from the ducati heated grips to mount the grip on the throttle tamer, I will not install the ducati heated grips! I will rather buy oxford heated grips that have no tube so you can installed them over the throttle tamer. Since I have the throttle tamer, I don't want to have to uninstall it as I like much more the throttle now than the stock snappy one!! please anyone can answer??
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